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If you’re familiar with the term, you’ll know why the word ‘drinking’ is incorporated here. And you must be looking for the best Deuterium-depleted drinking water right now. But if you’re not, you need a bit of learning before moving on.  

So, before anything, we’ll share in brief about Deuterium-depleted drinking water in the following lines.

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A Brief Introduction About Deuterium-Depleted Drinking Water

The water coming through taps or that you get from wells, rivers, or lakes, may have a higher deuterium count than what your body can consume. According to some Deuterium-depleted water studies, natural water may have contaminants, minerals, and pollutants that can cause health hazards. 

Furthermore, these studies included results from the water samples collected from different locations. These showed significantly higher levels of Deuterium, far more than an average human body can consume. Many experts and nutritionists recommend Deuterium-depleted drinking water for a healthier lifestyle.

As far as awareness about Deuterium-depleted drinking water is concerned, more and more people have been opting for it. Hence, we see many different brands of Deuterium-depleted drinking water. 

Many brands offer Deuterium Depleted Water 25 ppm, which is quite common these days. Recently they have introduced Deuterium-depleted drinking water 18ppm, which is getting popular day by day.

Is Deuterium-Depleted Drinking Water Safe?

Most of the people who don’t know about Deuterium Depleted Water question its quality. They have an opinion that this water may be unsafe because of the synthetic substances used. Some of those believe that the water loses its usefulness after going through Deuterium depletion. 

Are these allegations true? Not at all.

Like many other things associated with new discoveries, this also is a myth. Let’s break it.

There are many processes for Deuterium depletion, including:

  • Fractional distillation
  • Electrolysis
  • Chemical change
  • Catalytic change

And none of the processes use anything manmade or inorganic. Only the temperatures are altered to separate Deuterium from water. 

In fact, Deuterium depleted drinking water feels fresh and lighter than normal water. This is exactly what you see when you drink distilled or boiled water. In fact, DDW will feel lighter than these two. And that’s the sign of purity.

Deuterium-Depleted Drinking Water light water

The Need for Deuterium-Depleted Drinking Water

You may not know it now, but your body goes through depletion all the time. While you can’t put a halt to it, there are foods and drinks that can elongate the process. In the first place, you need to know about the radicals inside that may harm your immune system and make you an easy target of bacteria and viruses. 

Apart from different food items that contribute to the rising levels of carbon and/or other negative radicals inside your body, natural water may be one significant contributor. As said, the deuterium level in water has been rising gradually, but your body is still the same – it cannot dissolve more than 140ppm of Deuterium. 

How can you keep your body’s Deuterium intact? You’ve got two situations here:

The water you drink has a lower deuterium count, and your body doesn’t need it – that’s almost 33% of the likelihood because 66% of the world population gets potentially unsafe water to drink.

Your body is active and can dissolve all the Deuterium that it receives. Well, this is highly unlikely, but if, for an instant, we believe in that, what are the chances you’ll be drinking the same water throughout your life? What will happen 5-10 years from now when your body will be weaker?

You cannot stop drinking water, but you can always make better choices. 

Look into the Future

There’s no need to go too far. We are experiencing some of the toughest challenges. Pollution, water shortage, and industrialization have given rise to many problems, including the rising number of viral infections. Many people die because of their weak immune systems. 

On the other hand, developed countries have shown an inclination toward organic food, pure drinking water, and anything that can keep them healthy. Among such choices, Deuterium-depleted drinking water is an important one. 


You can follow suit and change your life with Deuterium depleted drinking water. Keep reading our Deuterium blog to know more. 

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