If you follow Ben Greenfield on Twitter, you’d know that he’s big on nutrition and fitness. One of the things he focuses on is Deuterium depleted water Ben Greenfield. Besides doing his research, he also interviews experts to get their views on the matter. 

The DDW Ben Greenfield guide is quite helpful for people who have recently discovered the dangers of drinking water. In this article, we’ll break down the different components of his session to give you the basic knowledge about DDW. 

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What is Ben Garfield Deuterium Depleted Water?

As mentioned earlier, Ben Garfield Deuterium depleted water refers to a nutrition expert’s viewpoint on drinking DDW rather than tap water. In his discussion, he talks about different things, such as the effects and harms of Deuterium. 

What is Deuterium?

The Deuterium depleted water Ben Greenfield discussion begins with introducing Deuterium. It’s an isotope of hydrogen, which means it resembles the element but is heavier. Plus, it has different characteristics and functions. 

A normal Deuterium concentration is healthy for the body. It helps in early growth. However, as you age, the levels should go down.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening these days. The environmental Deuterium levels impact the isotope’s concentration inside our body. On the one hand, we’re inhaling the particle from the air. On the other, we’re taking it in via tap water. Both ways, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Our bodies always need water since reactions are taking place even when we sleep. As the Deuterium levels increase in the body, the particle starts taking up hydrogen’s place. Since it resembles hydrogen, it can easily bind with oxygen. 

However, it doesn’t make actual water. It’s a Deuterium-oxygen complex that is of no use to the body. It cannot be used in reactions since the reactant has to be pure water. Secondly, Deuterium is much larger than water. Thus, it gets stuck in the body’s machinery, halting it completely. 

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Effects of Deuterium on the Cell

Clinical studies have shown that Deuterium has a pronounced effect on the mitochondria. Here, we’re talking about the powerhouse of the cell. If something is damaging it, how do you expect the cell to make enough energy for daily use? 

Plus, Deuterium also affects the integrity of your cells. The human body must have optimum conditions at all times – even when you’re asleep or inactive. However, Deuterium ruins this balance. 

In some cases, it has also been observed that the isotope may be one of the causes of health problems.

Why is it a Problem?

It’s easy to see what the problem is. Your body is supposed to be working a certain way, but the Deuterium isn’t letting it. But then again, can’t the body remove this particle like it excretes other toxins? 

Yes, it can – but only until the levels go slightly above average. When they exceed the limit largely, the body cannot do much. 

Another problem is that the levels are not going down any time soon. Climate change is making the Deuterium issue worse. Previously, the particle was present in polar ice caps. Now, they are melting, and Deuterium is free to enter the air. 

Also, the processed food we eat is rich in Deuterium. Overall, we’re taking in Deuterium from different sources. Over time, it accumulates inside our blood, becoming impossible for the body to remove. 

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Buying Deuterium Depleted Water 

If you are looking to avoid all that extra Deuterium in your water, you can order Deuterium depleted water online. Beware; there’s no Deuterium depleted water machine to purify water at home. Any online store selling it is a scam. 

Instead, you need to buy bottles of DDW. If you’re unsure about the amount, calculate it using the calculator on the seller’s website. Here’s how to be safe:

  • Buy from reputed sellers only. 
  • Read the customer reviews to find out what others are saying about them. 
  • Check the purity. It must be higher than the average limit. 
  • Ask for lab reports. Most sellers already share this information on the website. But if you can’t find it, get in touch with the company. 
  • Buy DDW for cooking too. You can use it in your daily meals and drinks. 

Final Words

The Deuterium depleted water Ben Greenfield discussion gives you insight into this particle’s harms. Sadly, most people aren’t aware of this. After all, it’s hard to imagine drinking water being a threat to your health. 

Now that you know where to buy Deuterium depleted water, you can purchase it for your family and recommend others to do the same. Trust us; they’ll thank you for the favor once they notice the difference in their bodies.

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