One aspect that is common to all life-form on earth is that it consumes nutrition in the form of food to survive. Plants and animals stay alive by converting nutrition into energy that is needed to efficiently run their bodily systems. Besides food, water forms the basic component of the building blocks of all life. But the question is, “is all water the same?”.  And if all water is not the same then is there anything such as good and bad water? This brings us to what we want to share with you in this article – Deuterium depleted water (DDW). So let’s explain to you a bit more about Deuterium really is and how it negatively affects your bodily functions. And is there something you can really do about it?

What is Deuterium (DDW)?

Let’s start with the basics. Water is a molecular compound whose each molecule consists of two elements – Hydrogen and Oxygen. For a water molecule to form, two atoms of Hydrogen combine with a single atom of Oxygen.

But interestingly, as all the basic science students would know, an element can have multiple variations (scientifically known as isotopes). These variations still have the same number of protons and electrons, but the number of neutrons varies between them. Hydrogen, as a matter of fact, comes in two stable isotopes.

  • Protium (one proton in the nucleus)
  • Deuterium (one proton + one neutron in the nucleus)
what is Deuterium depleted water

Protium is the one that occurs naturally and abundantly. About 99.98%  of all water on earth is made of this isotope of Hydrogen. However, 0.015% of all water on earth contains Deuterium – the heavier isotope of Hydrogen.

Though technically still a Hydrogen atom, the Deuterium is much heavier in weight and slightly different in its appearance and properties at the atomic level. It has been scientifically opined that higher levels of Deuterium have negative consequences on the physical functions of our body. More about the negative aspects later in the article.

It occurs naturally in the lakes, rivers, and oceans – at a ratio of about 150 parts of Deuterium per one million parts of Hydrogen atoms (denoted as 150 ppm). Some samples of water taken from permanently frozen icebergs in the Atlantic ocean came out to be as low as 89 ppm. But they are not easily accessible and feasible to be used for drinking at the mass level.

Deuterium Depleted Water – DDW

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So what should we do about it? Luckily, scientific advancements and breakthroughs in technology have enabled us to process water and convert it into having much lower levels of Deuterium. This water is called Deuterium Depleted Water. Even though there is no such thing as 100% Deuterium Depleted Water. This means that Deuterium can never be completely removed from the water but a significant reduction of Deuterium in Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) assists our bodies and metabolisms to function in an efficient manner and keep us healthy.

How Does Deuterium Depleted Water Work?

Deuterium enters our body through water. Its molecules reach the billions of cells that makeup of our body and enter into Mitochondria. That is where all the chemical energy is produced that is needed to power the biochemical reactions within the cell. Being heavier and more sluggish, it messes up with chemical reactions and decreases the efficiency of those cells.

With the decrease in efficiency, the cells produce less energy, and over time, this starts to show in the health of the individual.

Luckily, this process can be easily reversed. If the individual starts to consume Deuterium Depleted Water daily for enough duration, the body starts to self-heal-up. With this recovery phase managed by the body at its own pace, the Deuterium Depleted Water helps bring down the Deuterium levels within the body to acceptable levels.

As the recovery phase begins, the overall health of the individual starts improving and it shows in your life at work and home.

Benefits of DDW

There is no better alternative to a healthy and wholesome life. Buying yourself and your loved ones DDW to improve health is a very small price for something that is absolutely priceless – your health!

By consuming Deuterium Depleted Water you are sure to experience following changes for the better in your life.

  • No more sluggishness and lethargy after doing a small amount of physical or mental work. Deuterium Depleted Water makes the cells of your body more efficient, making you more energetic and productive.
  • Better mood. That means that you make the most out of every moment in your day – whether at work or home, pleasure or business, sports, or in the office – staying hydrated correctly means a healthier lifestyle.
  • Pure Deuterium Depleted Water protects from diseases that result from bad water. With the advancements in technology and our ability to process regular water into Deuterium Depleted Water, you would want to protect yourself and your family from such diseases by buying it from an authentic vendor.
  • Deuterium Depleted Water is also safe for consumption by pets. Research has proven that cats and dogs also benefit from Deuterium Depleted Water just like their human friends.

Summarizing Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

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The unprecedented scientific revolution in the past 50-100 years has literally transformed our lives. From having an impact on our work to personal spheres, these scientific discoveries have led us to discover the secrets to healthier lives and longer life expectancies.

Our job is now to educate ourselves and consume those items that are beneficial for us, not harmful. Deuterium Depleted Water contains no additives or synthetics. It is merely a scientific process whereby “bad hydrogen” is taken out from natural water. Making it healthier and fit for our consumption.

One final word of advice, before you go out or search online for Deuterium Depleted Water, do your preliminary research well. Buy from an authentic and reliable Deuterium Depleted Water seller that guarantees the use of all the best methods employed in processing their product. This way you will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

And yes, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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