Before we discuss Deuterium Depleted Water effects, it is important to refresh our knowledge of what a water molecule is actually made up of. A water molecule consists of two elements, Hydrogen, and Oxygen, both combining together to give us this precious source of life. Each water molecule has two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. However, not many would know that the hydrogen has several stable and unstable isotopes, one of them being Deuterium that has one neutron in its nucleus in addition to one electron and one proton. Deuterium, thus, is a heavier isotope of Hydrogen.

When we drink water, we don’t only get common Hydrogen, but also an unwanted Hydrogen isotope, called Deuterium. You can now have an idea what this topic Deuterium Depleted Water is all about.

But why would you need to deplete Deuterium levels in your water? To find out, let us learn more about the effects of Deuterium Depleted Water, what is the chemistry behind it, and where to get it conveniently.

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What is Deuterium?

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So what is the fuss all about? What actually is Deuterium? It is the stable isotope of Hydrogen that is often also part of water molecules. When normal Hydrogen consists of only a single proton in the nucleus, the Deuterium consists of both proton and neutron in the nucleus.

This makes the atomic mass of Deuterium twice that of ordinary Hydrogen. Now you can see why Deuterium Depleted Water is also called light water. Even though very rare, sometimes water molecules contain Deuterium instead of normal Hydrogen (Protium).

If you want to get into maths, out of naturally occurring Hydrogen, the 99.99% is Protium, which is ordinary Hydrogen. This makes the occurrence of the Deuterium extremely rare. In addition, there is also another isotope, called Tritium, which is even rarer and contains two neutrons in the nucleus.

If you have a fancy watch or keychain that glows in the dark, that’s probably radioactive Tritium in there.

Anyway, back to the Deuterium, it makes up around 0.02% of the natural water available. The fresh drinkable water in nature contains slightly higher. In layman terms, if you are drinking a liter of water every day, you are consuming around six drops of heavy water as well. Or water with a Deuterium molecule, also called HDO.

Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water on Our Body

Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water

As Deuterium is different from the normal Hydrogen in the water, it affects our body one way or another. Especially when there is a significant buildup of Deuterium in the body, it is not good news for our health.

There are several ways to test the Deuterium levels in a water sample. The most common method is the lab-testing. There is also a saliva test that measures the Deuterium level in our body, called the D-terminator test. However, what if you want to reduce the level of Deuterium in your body? Well, the answer is to use Deuterium Depleted Water for a couple of months, at least. This will gradually reduce the unwanted isotope level in the body and improve overall body functions, especially metabolism.

There are also some other claims that a buildup of Deuterium in the body can speed up the rate of aging. Some studies claim that Deuterium often slows down the important chemical functions in the body up to 9 times (scientifically known as Kinetic Isotope Effect), so one may feel lethargic and lazy.

In fact, a recent survey concluded that higher life expectancies and less prevalence of diseases among those who are living close to glaciers are directly correlated with naturally occurring glacier water in the area that contains low levels of Deuterium compared to other parts of the world.

What is Deuterium Depleted Water?

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As the name reflects, Deuterium Depleted Water or DDW comes with a lower Deuterium concentration than the normal water we drink. It is also known as light water, as Deuterium is also called Heavy Hydrogen.    

How to Create Deuterium Depleted Water?

Can you get Deuterium Depleted Water on your own? Well, you can’t unless you possess all the technology and machinery at home that is required to do so. Removing Deuterium molecules from regular water is a time-consuming process that requires considerable financial resources as well. This is one of the reasons why Deuterium Depleted Water is not readily available except with specialist vendors. Who said good things are easy to get!

Don’t be disappointed just yet! Thanks to science and technology, while there is no such thing as 100% Deuterium free water, there are various methods that can be used to get rid of Deuterium molecules from the water to a great extent. These include distillation, electrolysis, catalytic exchange, Girdler sulfide process, and desalination.

All these are commercial methods and need technology, equipment, and skill to have the desired effects of Deuterium Depleted Water. These are a bit costly, but overall, can have a positive effect on our health.

Summarizing Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water

So now you know the basics about Deuterium Depleted Water. This is just like the normal drinking water we have, but with a much lower concentration of Deuterium. 

As Deuterium is often an unwanted Hydrogen isotope, the buildup in our body often causes unwanted side effects, like effects on metabolism, faster aging, and tiredness, as it slows down vital chemical reactions on our body.

These undesired effects get pronounced if, over a period of years, Deuterium levels are raised in the body through the daily consumption of Deuterium rich water. Different regions have different concentrations of Deuterium in the water, hence exact statistics cannot be given for a particular city or state. If you want to check out the Deuterium levels in the water supply you are getting at your home, perhaps you would need to send samples to a specialized lab for analysis. Despite this, the Deuterium levels keep on changing even in the same source – owing to several environmental and climatic changes.

The most pronounced effect of Deuterium Depleted Water will be that DDW will provide a quick solution to lower the level of Deuterium in our body. All you need is to drink only DDW for 45 to 90 days, and you can achieve a healthy and safe level again. Drink healthy, live healthy! 

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