Do you want to buy Deuterium Depleted Water, but you are concerned about what type of Deuterium Depleted Water filter they use? At Deuterium Depleted Waters, you will learn everything about it because we provide the latest and most updated information available on the internet.

Here’s one example: According to the American Chemical Society, China has been improving Deuterium Depletion methods, making them less expensive and eco-friendlier than the prevalent commercial methods. More of such Deuterium-Depleted Water Studies have been discussed on our Deuterium blog.

For now, let’s discuss the topic of Deuterium-Depleted Water filter. You may have some questions, for example:

  • Do you need to filter the water to get the Deuterium Depleted Water – or – Is it done without the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter? 
  • If yes, how many times do you need to change the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter?
  • If no, how can you ensure pure drinkable water without the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter?

Let’s find out below.

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What is Deuterium-Depleted Water Filter?

Deuterium Depletion is a chemical process that involves removing Deuterium content from HDO, which is the type of water with 150 or more parts per million of Deuterium. Unlike most physical methods to remove impurities from the water, this method requires no Deuterium Depleted Water filter. 

You may want to know why there’s no need of the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter. As said, Deuterium depletion is a chemical process, whether depleting heavy water or normal tap water that we drink. 

By the way, the water that we use for drinking may have a high Deuterium count, which may be unsuitable for the human body. Studies show that the human body needs less than 140 ppm of Deuterium to consume, but the levels of Deuterium in natural water are 150 – 155 ppm. 

Through the commercial Deuterium depletion process, one can reduce the Deuterium count in water and make it purer and drinkable. The Deuterium Depleted Water can be human-friendlier as it contents pure water molecules with more Protium.

Using a filter (the common means that we use for separating impurities like soil or minerals from water) in Deuterium Depletion is slightly different. That said, not all the methods of Deuterium depletion need the Deuterium Depleted Water filter. 

Moreover, a thing to keep in mind is that many manufacturers of the Deuterium Depleted Water use this word along with their name. It is an indication that the water filter plant deploys Deuterium Depletion methods to purify water. Therefore, the phrase ‘Deuterium Depletion Water filter’ is commonly referred to as a specific location or the company that offers Deuterium Depleted Water.  

How to Deplete Deuterium Out of Natural Water

There are a number of ways of Deuterium depletion. 

Chemical Exchange Process

One can deplete Deuterium by using the Hydrogen-Deuterium exchange process, in which the molecules of Hydrogen (Protium) replace Deuterium molecules. In this process, the Deuterium is vaporized and separated from the water. 

In this context: Did you know that Deuterium and Protium are the two isotopes of Hydrogen? Protium is found in abundance – 99.99% of the Hydrogen. Whereas, Deuterium is found in the universe at 0.0099%. 

Fractional Distillation of Water

Another way to separate Deuterium from water is by means of fractional distillation. The theory is, Deuterium molecules require a slightly higher temperature to freeze compared to normal water. We all know that water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, but Deuterium molecules freeze a moment earlier than this point. 

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The same is the case with Water’s boiling point. There’s a slight difference in boiling points of Deuterium and water. 

In this method, the water is boiled in one chamber and vaporized. In the next chamber, Deuterium crystals are collected by supplying a temperature above zero degrees Celcius. In this method, the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter is used sparingly. 


In this method, the water is neutralized first, then Hydrogen molecules replace the Deuterium molecules to purify the water. That said, the difference in temperatures is so small that one needs a high amount of electricity and execute the process again and again to collect pure water. 

This method also doesn’t need the Deuterium-Depleted Water filter. 


Regardless of the processes that utilize the Deuterium Depleted Water filter or not, what’s important is they offer pure water free of toxic and oxidants. The levels of Deuterium are rising constantly and Deuterium Depleted water may be the solution.

Deuterium Depleted Waters is a place where you can find a lot of helpful articles and case studies about DDW. Keep coming for more. 

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