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This post is no short of interesting information as we shall cover technical aspects of the DDW manufacturing process. In other words, we shall discuss what Deuterium depleted water machine is and how it works.

If that sounds interesting, brace yourself to get amazed!

Deuterium Depleted Water Machine

Deuterium Depletion Water Machine

A limited number of people know what Deuterium depletion is, and why it’s more than important today. So, read the next section to familiarize yourself with Deuterium Depleted Water.

Why Deuterium Depleted Water Machine is Needed

If you haven’t heard of Deuterium depleted water before, let’s first evaluate the deuterium-filled tap water you and your family have been relying on. Water naturally features two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, but this is not as simple – there are three hydrogen isotopes and Deuterium is one of them.

Deuterium is heavier than protium, the most abundant hydrogen isotope. So, naturally, there are some Deuterium molecules along with Protium molecules in water. You must be wondering, where’s the problem?

According to water experts, the Deuterium content in most water bodies is rising, and presently, it is about 155.76 ppm. This concentration is much higher than it should be for human beings. But a lot of people don’t realize it. They’re not aware and they don’t respond to the situation as it demands.

A few geniuses, on the other hand, spent years of research and found a way to control the Deuterium count, hence a Deuterium Depleted Water machine emerged as a savior.

What Deuterium Depleted Water Machine Actually Is

For decades, people have been using water filters and utilizing traditional techniques to remove impurities from water. However, you cannot alter the composition of water through homemade processes or filters that can only catch visible substances.

To change the composition of water and reduce Deuterium levels, you need an advanced mechanism in the form of a Deuterium depleted water machine, which we shall discuss in the following lines. 

How to Make Deuterium Depleted Water

As the name suggests, a Deuterium depleted water machine presumably filters water to make it Deuterium-free. It’s a continuous process that requires a lot of input in the form of electricity, heat, and chemicals (if needed). Moreover, the equipment also has to be made with long-lasting and durable materials.

Deuterium depletion takes a number of steps, including:

  • Evaporation – the water turns into steam and vaporizes through a column
  • Removal of Impurities – the evaporating column, because of its composition, removes all the harmful impurities
  • Condensation – the water vapors condense and move to a connected container
  • Collection – refined and deuterium-free water is collected

If you understand physics, you’ll surely be familiar with these processes, and can imagine that making Deuterium depleted water is not a DIY thing.

Deuterium Depleted Water Machine dyi

Can You Install a Deuterium Depleted Water Machine at Home?

A Deuterium Depleted Water machine requires a group of experts to control the processes and run the entire mechanism as per requirements.

Moreover, it is expensive and volumetrically not suited for residential use, hence a commercial machine. The quality and price of the Deuterium depleted water depend on the method used and the amount of deuterium-free content in it.

Process Time

We only mentioned just one Deuterium depleted water machine, but there are different versions in the market featuring different preparation methods. Therefore, the time to prepare DDW varies with the method. But let’s give you a general idea.

On average, the above-mentioned approach renders 100 liters of Deuterium depleted water, which may not be sufficient for commercial use. But the fact that it offers 40ppm Deuterium makes it quite an attractive option.

This is the reason why DDW feels expensive to some people, but at the same time, it gives purer and lighter water that is more suitable for your body.

Buying Deuterium Depleted Water

Considering the approach, processes, and a heavy-duty Deuterium depleted water machine, you should buy commercially available Deuterium Depleted Water. Before you go for just any other Deuterium depleted water on the market, follow these tips:

  • Instead of going to your local Walmart store, search for this product on the internet. You’ll get some handy options
  • Shortlist your options based on Deuterium count, quality, and purity of water
  • Consider sizes the manufacturer offers and weigh against your daily requirements
  • Also, consider ease of availability, distribution, and delivery period

We hope that the above information on the Deuterium depleted water machine has helped you a great deal. Keep coming for more posts as we keep sharing helpful topics regularly.

how to make Deuterium Depleted Water Machine

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