Deuterium Depleted Water is the new talk of the town. And scientists are conducting plenty of research into new ways of making Deuterium Depleted Water. Before we talk about the methods that a Deuterium Depleted Water Machine employs to achieve low Deuterium levels, let us discuss some basics.

Deuterium Depletion is a new practice among diet and health enthusiasts which involves cutting back on deuterium levels in the body.

To achieve that, people replace regular water with Deuterium Depleted Water along with a ketogenic diet.

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All About Deuterium

Deuterium is one of the two stable isotopes of Hydrogen. While the normal Hydrogen (Protium) has one Proton and one Electron in its atom, Deuterium has a Neutron also present in the atom’s nucleus.

If we consider the mass of the electron to be negligible, the extra Neutron in Deuterium simply means that its atom has double the mass of a Protium. And when these atoms replace the normal Hydrogen molecules in water, we call it ‘Heavy water’ or ‘Deuterium Rich Water’.

Technically, Deuterium is capable of fitting into all physical and chemical reactions that involve the Hydrogen atom. This means that Deuterium can make its way into the water, food, and our bodies.

However, high levels of Deuterium in the body are linked with some negative effects. And to curb these effects, scientists make use of a machine to get Deuterium Depleted Water to lower the Deuterium levels in the water.

The resulting water is leaner and hence, helps a person in keeping the Deuterium level in the body normal.

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Where Does Deuterium Come From?

Most of the Deuterium atoms present in the Universe were created at the time of the Big Bang. According to scientists, there is one Deuterium atom present in the ocean for every 6420 atoms of hydrogen.

This means that the planet’s water would have a Deuterium concentration that varies between 90 – 180 ppm (parts per million).

However, this concentration varies, depending on which part of the earth you are at. For instance, if you go further from the equator, the concentration of Deuterium in the water will reduce. Similarly, high elevation also causes a reduction in its concentration.

Such differences are mainly the result of a difference in the evaporation rate and melting point of heavy water. So, depending on your origins and where you live, the Deuterium content in your food and water will vary.

Deuterium Depleted Water Machine

A Deuterium Depleted Water Machine employs one of the many methods that scientists use to reduce the concentration of Deuterium in water. Though, making the best Deuterium Depleted Water requires some high-end technology.

On the industrial level, mass production of Deuterium Depleted Water happens through a constant distillation process. This occurs at a pressure of approximately 133.3 mbar.

After the successful production of Deuterium Depleted Water, scientists make use of mass spectrometry to analyze the concentration of Deuterium. And according to them, anywhere from 130-140 ppm is the safe spot.

Apart from that, other processes can also be employed in a machine for Deuterium Depletion on a smaller scale. For instance, scientists have been studying the dual-temperature catalytic exchange between hydrogen and water resulting in DDW with concentration as less as 126.3 ppm.

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Deuterium Depleted Water vs. Deuterium Depleted Diet

Of course, a Deuterium Depleted Diet could have positive effects in the long run. However, in the short run, Deuterium Depleted Water Effects are rather quick.

This is because heavy water with concentrations of Deuterium up to 160 ppm cause a build up the Deuterium up in the body. In short, the body must deal with more Deuterium than it can get rid of. And DDW directly solves the problem by giving your body the chance to recover from the build up without having to deal with additional Deuterium.

Since DDW does not reply to the natural depletion mechanism of the body, it is very effective for short-term results. Whereas a ketogenic or Deuterium Depleted Diet could surely help in the long run.

At the same time, Deuterium Depleted Diet requires you to strictly monitor any foods that may be rich in Deuterium. Since it is harder to measure the exact concentration of Deuterium in foods, it can take some time before the Deuterium levels in your body return to normal.

For instance, wheat flour and beet sugar are said to contain 150 ppm and 146 ppm of Deuterium. Of course, this is an approximate amount but cutting low on such products can help you in the long run.

Nevertheless, until a portable machine to get Deuterium Depleted Water hits the market for residential use, you can always order Deuterium Depleted Water to improve your health.

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