If you are a curious-minded person who likes to explore things, you may want to learn about deuterium depleted water production. While in the past the methods to produce Deuterium, Depleted Water were very limited, times have now changed.

Today, experts have come up with many methods to prepare DDW. This is all due to the extensive research and development funds that different DDW companies have been allocating. And along with that, the demand for Deuterium Depleted Water is rising too.

So, it makes complete sense why companies would want to find the most efficient methods of deuterium depleted water production. In this article, we put together everything that you should know about the production of Deuterium Depleted Water.

Deuterium Depleted Water Production

Different Methods of Deuterium Depleted Water Production

DDW was first produced at the Kuban State University in Russia. And the first method that scientists studied was electrolytic decomposition. But today, vacuum distillation is among the most widely used methods to produce DDW.

One of the most notable things about Deuterium is that it can fit into all the physical and chemical processes in which Hydrogen can fit. And this is exactly how it makes its way into our daily diet.

Though, you do not have to worry about very small concentrations of Deuterium. Naturally, our body needs some amount of Deuterium for proper survival. However, the issues arise when the Deuterium concentration rises above a certain threshold in the body.

According to experts, the recommended amount of Deuterium in the water should be around 25 pm if you want to cut back your levels quickly. However, note that the amount of Deuterium can never be 0%. No matter how much depletion is achieved, some amount of Deuterium will remain in the water. And this applies to every deuterium depleted water production method.

Different commonly used Deuterium Depleted Water production methods include distillation, catalytic exchange, girdler sulfide process, and electrolysis.

The Chemistry of Deuterium Depleted Water

Now that you know about the different production methods used to make Depleted Water Deuterium, you may want to know about the chemistry of DDW.

Simply put, Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that contains a single neutron and proton in the nucleus. In comparison, regular Hydrogen, also referred to as Protium contains just a single proton in the nucleus.

This means that Deuterium molecules tend to be twice the weight of regular protium atoms. And that is why we also refer to DDW as heavy water.

Deuterium Depleted Water Production explained

Buying the Best Deuterium Depleted Water

While there are many brands of DDW in the market today, not every brand follows the best deuterium depleted water production methods. Therefore, it is incredibly important for you as a new buyer, to choose the best products after thorough research.

So, when you are choosing a DDW brand, make sure that you go for highly reputed ones. You can learn a lot about the reputation of a DDW brand by doing a quick search on the internet. Chances are that you will come across several blogs where people have discussed their buying experiences.

By reading the reviews given by different buyers, you will be able to make a more informed choice. Though, you may also be able to tell apart the genuine reviews from the sales content. This is something that you will learn over time.

Once you have a list of the best possible candidates, then try to visit the website of each store. There, you can check the price and then make a final decision accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also buy Deuterium Depleted Drinking Water from Amazon. On websites like Amazon, you would find many brands. This means that you will have a larger number of options available from a single source. This will make the hunt easier for you.

Deuterium Depleted Water Production usa


The best Deuterium Depleted Water companies are those that follow the latest deuterium depleted water production methods. After all, the quality of the DDW strongly depends on the type of method that is used to produce it.

As a new buyer, give yourself the room to choose the wrong products. Eventually, you will find the right brand that suits you both in terms of value and price. Though, if you are lucky enough and have a good sense of judgment, you will easily find the right Deuterium Depleted Water brands to buy from.

To learn more about DDW, feel free to scroll through the other articles in our DDW blog. By enhancing your existing knowledge of DDW, you can make more informed choices.

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