According to the Deuterium depleted water studies, two out of every three people have no drinking water access. That’s roughly about 5.2 billion of the world population deprived of safe drinking water. Even those who think that the water coming from taps is safe may be wrong. Here’s a valid reason.

deuterium-depleted water studies

The regular water that you usually drink enters your house via long underground pipes. It always has a risk of contamination, which can be harmful to your body and health. Other than contaminants, water’s own component – Deuterium – may turn out to be the culprit, causing you health issues.

This will ultimately affect your lifestyle. This is why we will be sharing important questions answered in some in-depth Deuterium-depleted water studies to help you understand why deuterium depletion matters. 

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Deuterium-Depleted Water Studies Answering Common Concerns

These are the common questions in context of the deuterium depleted water:

How Much Deuterium Depleted Water Do You Need to Stay Healthy?

According to one of the Deuterium depleted water studies, you need about 1 – 1.5 liters of DDW (Deuterium depleted water). To stay in good shape, you also need to avoid other liquids that might increase your body’s deuterium level. 

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A healthy human body can consume up to 125ppm of Deuterium, but aging can affect this ability. In short, a deuterium level below 80ppm is safe for everyone. 

How Can You Cut Down Deuterium Levels in Your Body?

The best way to consume and reduce the deuterium level is through diet. You need to take more fat that comes from grass-fed animals, like cows, goats, etc. The paleo-ketogenic diet also helps in reducing the deuterium level in your body. 

Here, Deuterium-depleted water studies reveal that such foods can help you create your own DDW, thereby keeping you healthy and immunized against many diseases.

How much is the Deuterium Content in Natural Water?

Studies on deuterium depleted water say that ocean water contains more deuterium percentage than freshwater. For example, the fresh water in the United States contains 0.0133 – 0.0154 mole-percent deuterium compared to 0.0153 – 0.0156 mole-percent Deuterium in the seawater.

These Deuterium depleted water studies went on to simply their statement. A liter of natural (drinkable) water contains 144 – 150 ppm of deuterium content, which is higher than you should be consuming.  

Is Excessive Deuterium Bad for Health?

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Deuterium-depleted water studies suggest that excess Deuterium may have adverse effects on your health if consumed over a longer period of time. High levels of Deuterium not only add to your body weight, but it will also impact your immune system. In turn, you’re likely to get viral and bacterial infections, even chronic diseases. Unnecessary Deuterium buildup in your body causes fatigue, depression, different types of pains, even cancer.

Is Deuterium Concentration in Fresh Water Consistent?

As discussed by many deuterium-depleted water studies, regular tap water may contain high levels of Deuterium, which can affect your health. A number of researches on tap water in different parts of the US provide some valuable insights. These are:

Temperature and altitude affect the deuterium concentration. The water samples collected from hot climatic regions feature higher deuterium concentration, while those collected from colder regions and high altitudes exhibit lesser deuterium levels.

Which Methods Are Used to Separate Deuterium from Tap Water?

The water containing Deuterium can be depleted using these methods:

  • Fractional distillation, a multi-stage process, offers the best deuterium depletion. It is relatively expensive.
  • Crystallization: By using this method, you can reduce the deuterium concentration up to 136 ppm.
  • Water-Hydrogen Sulphide chemical exchange
  • Catalytic chemical exchange using platinum as the catalyst: this process gives 125ppm Deuterium.

Each of these methods works; however, they don’t give the same deuterium concentration. However, the platinum catalytic process is the most commonly used deuterium depletion process that ensures lower concentration than what your body can consume. 

deuterium depleted water DDW studies article


Here’s a summary of what we’ve learned from the Deuterium depleted water studies:

  • Your body needs to consume between 85 ppm and 125 ppm of Deuterium depleted water.
  • Natural water (considered safe to drink) contains 144 – 150 ppm of the deuterium content.  
  • High deuterium levels in the human body cause health issues
  • Deuterium depleted water (through distillation) contains about 25 ppm of Deuterium per liter of water.
  • Water can be Deuterium depleted by means of distillation, crystallization, and chemical exchange.

Final Words

Deuterium depleted water is available online. You can buy deuterium depleted water 25ppm, although higher concentrations are also available at a cheaper price. It’ll help you stay healthier and rely less on medications to prevent diseases.

For more updates, keep reading our Deuterium depleted water blog.

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