Up to date with the latest in the Deuterium depleted water (DDW) world? Well, you should consider your job only half-done if you don’t know the answer to how is Deuterium depleted water made at home!

In recent years, the popularity of DDW has sky-rocketed. With several brands providing Deuterium depleted water for sale today, it’s become essential for customers to gather every bit of information they can on DDW. This includes learning about how is Deuterium depleted water made currently. Without further ado, let’s begin this educational experience! 

Deuterium Exists Right From the Beginning…

Before we jump into how is Deuterium depleted water made at home, let’s talk a little about the reason DDW is required in the first place. This reason is in the form of a chemical compound known as Deuterium. Deuterium is a stable Hydrogen isotope that is twice the size of the Hydrogen atom.

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The existence of Deuterium was caused by the Big Bang that happened billions of years ago. This led to the creation of several chemical compounds, one of them being Deuterium. Deuterium exists in water and at certain ages, it assists in helping children grow. However, when it exists in higher concentrations than required, this same chemical compound ends up damaging the human metabolism. Hence, it’s important to monitor these Deuterium levels and drink Deuterium depleted water to keep them stable.

The Need for Deuterium Depleted Water Realized

The need for Deuterium depleted water was realized in the 1900s. Several scientists began to study Deuterium and soon a chemist named Harold Urey successfully isolated the Deuterium atom for the first time. This led to the creation of the Deuterium depleted water we constantly see in the market today.

This water is often referred to as ‘Light Water’. For every 1 Deuterium atom, there are 6000 Hydrogen atoms. However, the number of Hydrogen atoms are countless hence Deuterium concentrations are considered naturally high in the human body. While humans do have natural methods to lose Deuterium, these methods lose their touch over time. Hence, the assistance of Deuterium depleted water can go a long way in keeping you healthy!

How Is Deuterium Depleted Water Made At Home?

Everyone wants to know the answer to how is Deuterium depleted water made at home and it’s the right question to ask! After all, if you can make high-quality DDW at home, then why purchase it for high prices from vendors in the market?

However, making DDW isn’t as easy as many would think. Complex tools and machinery are required depending on the method you choose to make it.

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If you’re interested in learning about the technique and application behind making Deuterium depleted water, read this article. That being said, the most popular ways to manufacture DDW in the market are:

  • Distillation
  • Electrolysis
  • Catalytic exchange
  • Girdler and sulfide process
  • Desalination

How Is Deuterium Depleted Water Made at Home : Can You DIY?

You know the answer to how is Deuterium depleted water made but the question is, can you do it yourself? For every individual, the answer is different. Honestly, it depends on the passion you have. For passionate individuals, there are no barriers, and creating DDW can be like accomplishing any other task.

That being said, to make the best Deuterium depleted water, machinery is required. In the past, many have talked about the existence of a Deuterium depleted water machine. These people are only referring to the machinery that goes into making DDW, and different machinery can be used for this. That being said, the easiest way to make DDW at home is through the constant distillation/ fractional distillation process. This process only reduces a few points of Deuterium so to make it more effective, repeat the process a few times.

How Is Deuterium Depleted Water Made: Advantages

Now that you know how Deuterium depleted water is made, let’s talk about the advantages of making it:

  • Making DDW is much cheaper compared to buying it from the market.
  • The quality of your DDW is consistent and you can be sure of the exact DDW concentration.
  • DDW is made right in the comfort of your home. No need to wait for deliveries!
  • 0 issue of reliability. You know exactly what you made!

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