A wise man once said, ‘A healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy living.’ This has proven to be true, and individuals all over the world are quitting their unhealthy habits and adopting new healthier ones. For this very reason, countless individuals seek the answer to ‘How is Deuterium depleted water made?’

Deuterium depleted water is a product that helps individuals in their journey towards healthy living. Over the past decade or so, more and more people have begun to demand Deuterium depleted water, and so, we at Deuteriumdepletedwaters.com decided to provide some of the best Deuterium depleted water in the market. Keep reading to find answers to questions like ‘what is Deuterium depleted water’ and ‘how is it made?’

making of deuterium depleted water

What Is Deuterium?

Before we discuss ‘How is Deuterium-depleted water made?’, let’s talk about what Deuterium is. ‘Deuterium’ is the name given to a heavy Hydrogen isotope that damages our metabolism and bodies when it exists in higher amounts than necessary.

Sadly, the natural levels of Deuterium in human bodies is high because of reasons such as limited exercise, bad diet, and also because the water that we naturally drink has high Deuterium levels. Most people don’t know that Deuterium is the isotope that helps children grow but having it in high amounts is unhealthy. That’s why people should drink Deuterium depleted water so that they can have just the right amount of Deuterium that their bodies require.

Averagely, natural bodies of water have Deuterium levels at 150 ppm. This means that every 1 out of 6000 Hydrogen atoms is a Deuterium atom. If you consider the fact that the size of a Deuterium atom is double the size of a Hydrogen atom, you will realize the negative impact it has on the human body.

The Idea Behind Deuterium Depletion

Deuterium was first discovered in 1939 by an American chemist who went by the name of Harold C. Urray. In 1959, after several experiments, an individual named V.M. Muhachev at Tomsk University convinced his colleagues that even a small Deuterium dose could distort the chemistry of hydrogen bonding and inhibit sub-molecular processes.

Hence, a need for Deuterium depleted water developed, and today countless individuals are searching for Deuterium depleted water for sale and seeking answers to questions like ‘How is Deuterium-depleted water made?’

What Is Deuterium Depleted Water?

Deuterium depleted water or DDW is simply the best solution to excess or high Deuterium levels in individuals all across the globe. The human body has high levels of Deuterium because of the water we drink and our everyday diets, and DDW is the most efficient way to decrease these Deuterium levels.

Deuterium depleted water or ‘Light Water’ is the name given to water manufactured to have lower Deuterium levels than the normal water we drink every day. This water is known to have several health benefits for the human body as high Deuterium levels are unhealthy.

The Process of Making Deuterium Depleted Water

The impact DDW has on people’s lives is immense, and more and more people are searching for the best Deuterium depleted water available. People also want to know how Deuterium depleted water is made?

These DDW enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are several ways to make Deuterium depleted water. The production of DDW involves isolating and removing deuterium contained within natural water. The result of this process is Deuterium depleted water and the different techniques used to create it today are:

  • Distillation
  • Electrolysis
  • Desalination
  • Girdler and sulfide process
  • Catalytic exchange

Can You Make Deuterium Depleted Water At Home?

Those who want to know ‘How is Deuterium-depleted water made?’ should also know that Deuterium-depleted water can also be made at home! Deuterium depleted water boils and freezes at slightly higher temperatures compared to the regular water we drink. This knowledge could be used to try and make DDW through the method of partial distillation or freezing.

Keep in mind that one liter of tap water contains only a few drops of Deuterium. This would mean that you would have to work very hard to separate the Deuterium and make Deuterium depleted water at home! Hence, it’s better to buy your Deuterium depleted water from reliable vendors such as us at Deuteriumdepletedwaters.com.

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