If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you may have heard about Deuterium Depleted Water at some point. Now, you may be wondering, how to make deuterium depleted water at home? In this article, we will discuss if that is even possible.

But first, let us briefly discuss the influence of Deuterium Depleted Water. Simply put, Deuterium is a heavy isotope of Hydrogen, which is essential for the human body in many ways. According to science, Deuterium helps with the growth of human cells and their normal functioning.

However, according to scientists, the human body needs only a small amount of Deuterium for its survival. Anything that passes the threshold is not healthy for our bodies.

Regular tap water contains a high amount of Deuterium, typically somewhere around 180 parts per million. While this might sound like a very low number, it is quite a lot in terms of its impact on the human body.

This is where drinking Deuterium Depleted Water helps. That is the quickest way of reducing the Deuterium level in the body.

So, how to make deuterium depleted water at home? Let us find that out.

How to Make Deuterium Depleted Water at Home Using Basic Tools?

How to Make Deuterium Depleted Water at Home

Unlike other sources on the internet, we will neither waste your time nor give you any false information. In simple words, you cannot make DDW (deuterium depleted water) at home using basic tools. Any source that promises you a recipe is lying to you.

But why not? You see, Deuterium Depleted Water DDW is different from regular tap water on the atomic and molecular levels. No recipe in the kitchen can help you achieve such transformations. For that, you need high-end equipment that works on the atomic level.

For instance, a machine that works on the catalytic ion-exchange principles might help you in the production of Deuterium Depleted Water. At the same time, you can also produce it using any machine that utilizes vacuum distillation.

However, typical kitchen machines are not capable of carrying out these complex processes. For that, you need specialized machinery that is designed for these processes. And such machinery can only be employed on an industrial scale.

That is simply due to the high costs of running these machines along with the power costs, and maintenance costs. One simply cannot afford to run them in the house just to prepare a small amount of Deuterium Depleted Water for personal use.

So, in short, there is no method to prepare Deuterium Depleted Water using any basic tools on a small scale.

Should You Buy a Deuterium Depleted Water Machine?

Currently, in the market, Deuterium Depleted Water machines for kitchen usage are not available. However, soon, scientists might be able to achieve that. That would certainly happen after the demand for DDW increases due to increasing awareness about health.

But for now, such machines are not available in the market for an average kitchen user. Currently, DDW machines are simply those that utilize the processes that we mentioned earlier. And these are industrial machines that are employed on the large scale.

Even if any small-scale technology does exist for use on the kitchen level, its efficiency would be extremely low.

So, we suggest you not waste time trying to learn how to make deuterium depleted water at home. Instead, just find a decent store and start ordering your Deuterium Depletion Water from there. That is not only convenient but also makes more sense.

Buying Deuterium Depleted Water

It is quite simple to buy Deuterium Depleted Water on the internet. All you have to do is find a store via Google and then read the reviews. You may also search about the store on various internet forums where DDW enthusiasts engage in discussions.

By taking the advice of long-time DDW enthusiasts, you will be able to buy the best products. Furthermore, also judge a company based on its market presence and overall internet presence. Sometimes, Google reviews will also help you a lot.

However, remember that Deuterium Depleted Water can be more expensive than regular mineral water. That is because this water contains a very low percentage of Deuterium. So, expect to pay slightly more for all the added benefits that you are getting.


We hope that you have received a thorough answer to your question, how to make deuterium depleted water at home. To learn more about Deuterium Depleted Water, do not hesitate to check out our comprehensive DDW blog where we regularly post informative articles and guides.

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