It’s not every day you find something as amazing as the Preventa Deuterium depleted water. Known to be one of the first brands to establish itself in the market, Preventa Deuterium depleted water is a favorite of countless Deuterium depleted water (DDW) enthusiasts.

Hence, it’s only right for us at Deuterium depleted waters to provide you with a detailed review on Preventa Deuterium depleted water. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today through this article that is featured in our blog section! So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Preventa Deuterium Depleted Water

A Brief History of Deuterium Depleted Water

First things first, let’s talk a little about the history of DDW. How did this unique type of water come into existence? The answer to that lies in the Big Bang which happened billions of years ago. This created several chemical compounds, one of them which we know to be as Deuterium.

This element of Deuterium was discovered by a chemist named Harold Urey in the summer of 1931. Urey and his fellows conducted several experiments on Deuterium-filled water. Their experiments led to the creation of the famous Deuterium depleted water for sale available today. For all those wondering, the average Deuterium concentration in natural bodies of water is 150-165 ppm (parts per million).

Preventa Deuterium Depleted Water: One of the Top Brands

Preventa Deuterium depleted water is one of the first names to come to mind when anyone thinks about Deuterium depleted water. That’s because they’re one of the first vendors to enter the DDW market!

Preventa is a brand operated by the company HYD LLC. They first obtained a license to provide DDW products in 1999 and since then, they haven’t looked back! Judging by the varieties they provide and the quality of their DDW, they are a must-try in the DDW world.

Why Should You Drink Preventa Deuterium Depleted Water?

Wondering why Preventa Deuterium depleted water is a good option to purchase your DDW? Well, research has shown that low Deuterium concentrations are required for an individual seeking a healthy lifestyle. As we grow older, the body’s ability to deplete Deuterium decreases and this is where Preventa Deuterium depleted water comes in!

If you decrease the level of Deuterium in your drinking water, you will notice positive changes in your health. By proper choice and continuous consumption, deuterium depletion in the organism can be maintained for long periods.

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What Varieties of DDW Does Preventa Provide?

Preventa is known to provide a variety of Deuterium concentrations to buyers interested in purchasing from them. Considering the Deuterium levels in natural waters (140-150 ppm), Preventa Deuterium depleted water varies between 125 and 45 ppm as is indicated on the label.

These products are created using deuterium-depleted water, natural mineral water, and carbon dioxide. These bottles of water can be bought in packs of 12, 6, and also as a single bottle.

How Is The Deuterium Content Determined?

Wondering how you can determine the Deuterium content in a bottle of Preventa Deuterium depleted water? That’s easy! The numbers indicated on these bottles represent the Deuterium content in that product in Ppm (Parts per million).

Accordingly, Preventa 125 contains 125 ppm, Preventa 105 contains 105 ppm, and Preventa 85 contains 85 ppm deuterium, in contrast to the 140-145 ppm typical for surface waters – and hence, for ordinary tap water – in our geographical zone.

How Is Preventa Deuterium Depleted Water Manufactured?

Many DDW enthusiasts wonder what technology Preventa uses to manufacture its DDW. After all, different technologies can be implemented to create DDW. In the case of Preventa Deuterium depleted water, it is produced keeping in mind the differences between the properties of normal water (H2O) and heavy water (D2O).

Thanks to the difference in boiling points, the concentration of heavy water is lower in the vapor phase and this fact is used to create DDW. By constantly repeating this process, the Deuterium content of water can be reduced to the desired levels. This process can be time-consuming if tried at home hence, it’s better to buy DDW from reliable vendors such as Preventa.

Preventa Deuterium Depleted Water for sale

Deuterium Depleted Waters: The Best DDW Available

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